After a woman is brutally murdered in a Nebraska cornfield, Detective Mackenzie White obsesses over the twisted mind of a potential psychopath. But as bodies start piling up, can she stop the killer before it’s too late?

Though I’m just a simple country boy, the blurb I have quoted above strikes me as unsatisfactory. If bodies are piling up, I would say it is too late already for some. In any case, haven’t we read the second sentence many times before?

Just asking.

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      • It’s the grisly detail that perplexes me. Some writers spend more time describing how the screwdriver was rammed into the eyeball and twisted round (for example) than they do on plot or character. It’s most disturbing. I don’t understand why people read that (so now you are asking why I’m reading it, except I don’t, I skip the passages or ditch the book), but why people write it is even more puzzling.

        I like nice crime, mystery, thriller, spy, adventure stories where dead bodies appear in baths and people get stabbed, shot, strangled, whatever. And that’s it. I don’t need to hear about the pain and agony some tortured victim felt nor do I need to read about it happening. I can imagine all that perfectly well on my own. Although I would prefer not to. Just get on with the flipping story instead of wallowing in depravity. /rant. It’s a pet peeve. As you may have guessed.

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