Empty Shelves, Empty Stomachs

I buy food for my daughter and the only store near where she lives is a branch of Tesco. Recently this has become difficult, with large spaces appearing on their shelves because they have not been restocked. At first I thought this was a supply-chain problem, their logistics had let them down. I was wrong.

Lauren tells me that the management of this major retail chain has become worried by waste – we, the eating public, have been throwing away too much food. (My daughter tells me the true explanation is that they’re trying to improve their margins.) Going with Lauren, Tesco have re-jigged their stocking policy to reduce the problem of waste in our throw-away society. Very public spirited.

And I can report that they’re on the right lines here. If their customers can’t buy food they can’t waste it either. On the other hand, if they don’t sell they don’t make money, which is what they are in business for. So I confidently predict their new policy will change.

So does Lauren. She thinks it will change within two weeks – just too late to lay in supplies for the Festive Season.

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