Healthy living

Two pieces of research have caught my attention lately. The first is that the resting pulse of young people here in the YUK has been gradually increasing over the years. I was surprised to learn that it is over 80, which seems high to me. The researchers did not know for sure why this was, but perhaps we could guess that televisions, video games, tablets and smart-phones are implicated.

The other concerned men, walking and strokes. It seems that men can decrease the risk of a stroke by walking several hours a week. In fact, if they spent 22 hours a week walking they could cut the risk of a stroke by two thirds. So they might, for example, spend seven hours a day walking every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Or three hours a day walking every day of the week. Either way, that is a lot of time to spend walking, though the good news is that the walking did not need to be vigorous. What mattered was the time spent doing it, so if men could find something they could usefully do while walking they might have it cracked. Composing chapters of a novel into a pedometer?


4 thoughts on “Healthy living

  1. I believe that pastors of a certain persuasion have condemned yoga as unchristian.,
    though they might as well condemn ice cream for the same reason.

  2. I am hoping that the Lindy Hopping will see me out, very good for the knees (though recently the feet have been protesting) and I am sure good for the heart and lungs. I think dancing is the only time I am not thinking about novels… actually that’s not true the Lindy Hopping crowd are great value for a writer.

  3. Until tonight I had never heard of Lindy hopping! So I looked it up and found it derives from Charles Lindbergh! I would crash at a pub quiz.

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