If these are the symptoms, what is the condition?

These are not all of the symptoms, just some of them, but enough to be going on with.  And I am not making any of this up.

1) Stopping frequently in her tracks when walking along

2) Refusing to wear her glasses with the stated aim of reducing ‘sensory overload’

3) Frequently relieving herself in anything to hand despite having a toilet on the same floor (anything to hand including what you might be drinking from next)

4) Frequently thinking of suicide over a twenty year period

5) Mild self-harm

6) Often stated fear of not being able to communicate, so often with a pen and paper at the ready

7) Difficulty breathing which she attributes to panic attacks

I am asking in the hope of enlightenment, since an assessment is coming up which may result in compulsory treatment.

Right, but treatment for what?

2 thoughts on “If these are the symptoms, what is the condition?

  1. I’m not sure you are going to get an answer. The brain is such a complex barely understood organ and things can misfire in more than one way and more than only place. I hope I am wrong and you get some helpful treatment. Can I suggest – what you may already have done – and that is read some of the latest research. I recently read a particularly good up-to-date book on consciousness, which also looked at the current state of research on mental illness. It is by Daniel Bor, called The Ravenous Brain.

  2. Thank you for this title.
    Someone has already suggested/implied that the condition I am describing is OCD.
    My daughter has self-diagnosed herself as having this condition.
    However, knowing how conditions are arrived at which find their way into the DSM,
    I have less confidence in labels than your average bear.

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