Into kitsch, moi?

Surely not, no one less likely. Well, I have erred from the straight and narrow.

I don’t like many shops, but one which always cheers me up is Tiger, a Danish outfit which has a store here in Edinburgh. It is full of small objects, most of them colourful, and doesn’t break the bank if you buy some.

Tiger 4Tiger 2

Some time ago I spotted a purse in Tiger, not something I have any use for in the normal course of events. But I took to this one at once, bought it, and adapted the interior with a scalpel to my own fell purpose. And you will easily see what that was from the picture.

Lumix 1

The Lumix pictured here is a small camera, but if you’re unlucky grit can get into the lens and cause problems – not to be used among sand-dunes on a windy day. You may even live to regret slipping it in to a pocket for the same reason. But not if you protect it. And what could be more appropriate than this?



11 thoughts on “Into kitsch, moi?

  1. Give it to the Scandinavians. Design a gene they seem born with. It might be kitch but mostly outperforms that of the rest of the world. We love ceramic ducks in endless flight screwed on the walls just above the cabinet holding the Wedgewood..

  2. Well, I can along along with that so far as clothes are concerned, and sofas. I like art shops though, which cater for crafts as well. As for aimless browsing, don’t we all have to be aimless sometimes? If we’re taking aim all the time our little grey cells get tuckered out. But I freely concede there are many ways of being aimless.

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