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Suddenly I see (thanks for that one, KT Tunstall) that any comment I now make is subject to ‘moderation’. Why does this happen? As far as I can see, because one of my posts to a given group was deemed one or more of the following: a) to be excessively self-promotional b) to have been posted across several groups at once c) to have been abusive d) to have been irrelevant.

What have I done? I have no idea, but I can safely rule out the first three categories. It may be that someone, somewhere, has considered one of my posts to be irrelevant. But if that is the case, we have to ask who is the arbiter of relevance? In all such cases it appears to be the complainant, since the poster is not notified of the complaint and so cannot reply.

The process is referred to as Site Wide Auto Moderation, now known in the trade as SWAM. Note the ‘auto’ part of this, as it does not allow for the application of intelligence.

So any post I make to any group will now be subject to moderation by the group moderator. In some cases this will take so long that the comment will only appear when the discussion is over. In other cases, it might not appear at all because the moderator is unaware that the comment is awaiting moderation. In short, making a comment – that is, contributing to a discussion – has now become pointless.

For people in this position, and there are many, there is no way to think about it. They are not told what comment attracted the complaint nor who made that complaint. And it has not occurred to Linkedin that some complaints may be malicious. Making a complaint against someone is an excellent way of muzzling that person, especially when complaints are made anonymously.

It seems to me (and I am unanimous in this, as Mrs Slocombe used to say) that something needs to change. Are we being served? Yes, but not very well.


Here is a link to what Linkedin have to say on this subject.

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6 thoughts on “Moderately Linkedin

    • Well I try to look at it philosophically.
      For example – As one door closes, another door closes.
      Or again – We’ll all be dead soon so it doesn’t much matter.

  1. I’ve never joined Linked In in spite of many automated requests. I’m sorry their equally automated system has swallowed your comments. I looked at the site and it sounds as though this will only last a couple of weeks, but I may have misunderstood.

    • I joined on advice, having little or no handle on the use of social media. The conventional wisdom is we should be using these ‘platforms’ to increase our visibility. Since I have no feel for any of this, I follow the conventional wisdom – except where it comes to Facebook, which I am not at home with.

      It appears that some people join an amazing number of groups on Linkedin and their comments are blocked across them all. It is possible to negotiate with group moderators to have the bar lifted, but negotiating with fifty moderators wouldn’t be much fun.

      I appear to be unfrozen again. We shall see.

  2. Conceptually, I find LinkedIn to be a very strange beast. I mean, it’s meant to be work-related – so you wouldn’t be putting personal stuff on it, right? So presumably this means it’s not the sort of thing you’d play around with at home. But then again, do we really want employees to be sitting on LinkedIn during work hours? Obviously, it’s meant to be a great tool for people to raise their profile, presumably – most often – with the desire for a better job, or for picking up nice fat contracts in the case of freelancers / contractors. Presumably, however, many people in this position are gainfully occupied during work hours. So I’m left with the picture of a bunch of un-, under- or unhappily-employed people promoting themselves to each other on a weird sort of social networking site after hours!
    Reductio ad absurdum, I know 🙂 but it makes me smile. For what it’s worth, I think you’re moderately well off, Rod.

  3. Well I think there’s much to be said for your analysis here, though I am not an emplyee and work from home.

    And I believe I have found through Linkedin an illustrator with whom I can work on a story, already complete.

    Having said all that, though, I do notice a lot of self-promotion going on, most of which will get nowehere. So you are, as they say, ‘on the money’ in your comments.

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