Reading Two Books At The Same Time

In fact, I sometimes have three going at the same time. It probably isn’t good idea, but here’s how it happens.

When I hit the sack of an evening I like to read for a while but, being in the sack, it has to be something relaxing. If it was heavy, I might well end up in a deep sleep too soon. So I go for a mystery or a crime novel.

During the day, I can handle something literary and/or more demanding. I found James Salter’s memoir, ‘Burning the Days’, rewarding but demanding – so I read it in short bursts during the day, but never in bed. Likewise Richard Ford’s novel ‘Canada’.

As for a third book, that would usually be non-fiction: Robbing a Bank for Dummies, How to Lose a Fortune on the Forex Market, Large Knot Macramé for Beginners.

Are your reading habits better than mine?

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  1. As my first ever blog post was:
    was on this subject. Later followed by another:
    I am full of understanding. I have a going to sleep read, a morning challenging/fun/whatever read and an after lunch (usually) non-fiction/research read, sometimes the sensation of too many ball in the air, leaves me with the juggler’s bends (I know, mixed metaphor – sorry).

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