Rent a Boyfriend

It sometimes happens that Chinese girls working in the smoke (often literally), return to their ancestral homes to visit their parents. At which point the subject of marriage crops up and the girls may stall their parents by referring to a boyfriend. After all, not having one makes marriage less likely.

And what better way to persuade their parents that everything is bubbling along nicely on the amatorial front than having the boyfriend in question available in the flesh? All very well if he exists, but what if he doesn’t? No problem. We here at Boyfriends R Us have the perfect solution. We will rent you one for the weekend.

One of over 300 such agencies, we charge 300 Yuan a day – holding hands, and hugs included. An additional charge of 50 Yuan is levied for ‘appropriate kisses’. (If you have to ask what appropriate is then our service is not for you.)

However, there ‘s only so much you can reasonably expect our escorts to cope with, so we charge a further 30 Yuan for talking to old people which, as everyone knows, stretches tedium to the limit.

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    • We here at Boyfriends R us.
      I toyed with the idea of sneaking in some terms and conditions, like defining what was appropriate and inappropriate kissing, but gave up on the idea.

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