The Author, His Website

My website is now active and if anyone feels like dropping by I would welcome suggestions for improvement.

I set it up, after two false starts, having read that this is what authors ought to do. But I have two areas of concern. The first is the author’s bio page. A friend passed me several chapters of an autobiography she had written and they worked very well, but when I tried to do the same it didn’t work, I couldn’t do it. The words had no life. It seems I was not sufficiently interested in myself as a subject. Yawn.

When the web designer I was working with saw my stab at an author’s bio he pointed out that it was just a rehash from the back covers of the books, so I wrote a new one at great speed and sent it to him before I succumbed to second thoughts. I have added photographs but have not changed a word. It is highly selective, dealing with reading and writing and ignoring other matters entirely. (For example, I am married and we have two children but I have made no mention of that.)

The other question which troubles me is the blog. I have a self-standing blog with WordPress, and this is included in the website on its own page. So whenever I publish a new post on WordPress the blog within the site automatically shows it.

But the self-standing blog has several pages, so the site version does too. For example, a page on WordPress deals with my books, but that means anyone accessing the blog via the author website will find two pages dealing with the books – one on the site itself and one within the blog. Redundancy, don’t you just hate it?

Maybe this doesn’t matter. Some people will only arrive at the WordPress blog, so clearly it should contain a page about the books. Others may arrive at the website without having visited the blog, so the website should also have this page. If there is an elegant solution I cannot see it.

And perhaps it doesn’t matter so much. From what I can see, the most popular blogs are written by people who tend to the personal. One way or another, their main subject matter is themselves. I know I don’t have the inclination to do this, so if I tried – as with the autobiography – it wouldn’t work.

Hey ho, the ways of the world! We are what we are and also what we are not.