The True Date of Christmas

There seems to some doubt as to when Jesus was born since there is not a shred of documentary evidence to guide us. There are other indicators, however.

According to my Christmas Cactus, the birth probably occurred some weeks earlier than we are usually led to believe. It’s quite insistent on this point, coming into full  flower some three weeks ahead of the official date every year.

christmas cactus with flash

For the purposes of this post, I have set the knowledgeable plant on a plinth of sorts for maximum effect.

Doormats with a message

Trapped in a garden centre yesterday, and not the one I really like, I found myself faced with endless rows of Christmas items. Among them was a pile of doormats with the words MERRY CHRISTMAS on them.


I had no idea such a thing existed, and for my money they couldn’t compete with a doormat I once saw and instantly desired. On it were the words FRIENDS ALWAYS WELCOME, FAMILY BY ARRANGEMENT.