I Like crocuses, so two years ago I bought fifty crocus bulbs and planted them in the garden. There are two possibilities. Either they were lurking in the nearby trees, arms folded,  watching me plant them, or new crocus bulbs have a strong smell attractive to squirrels, who love nothing more than to dig them up and eat them. So three hours after I’d planted them, my friendly local squirrels had eaten the lot. Not one remained. I notice that squirrels don’t dig up mature crocuses, so maybe they lose their attractive smell over time. Round one to the squirrels.

Fortunately, I live in a city rich with crocuses so I am not altogether deprived.

Crocuses 2

Crocuses 4

Like many people I had a problem with squirrels raiding bird feeders – until I hit on a simple solution. I hung them from a gutter. Now I sometimes see the occasional squirrel on the ground below gazing wistfully up at them. Round two to me.
Are squirrels delightful and cuddly creatures? Some people think so, though a friend of mine has her own take on the subject: Squirrels are just rats with good PR.
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