Nostalgia Sells

I have no idea if this is true or not, but McSorleys clearly think it is.

Quality Libations

Quite a few people in these parts would not know the word ‘libation’ if it changed itself into a haddock and slapped them in the face, and most of those who do know it are over seventy. Yet here it is in all its glory and, I’m guessing, it is thought to suggest quality. And no doubt the same is true of ‘sustenance’.

But Armstrong and Son has more reason to call themselves an emporium, since they sell clothing from, or modeled on, the clothing of years gone by.

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Are authors who write historical fiction tapping into a nostalgic vein? I’m thinking here of fiction set in the Victorian or Edwardian periods rather than further back. I am tempted to write like this myself so that I could ‘pen’ lines such as:

‘I don’t believe a word of it,’ Philpott asseverated stoutly.