Androids and robots (continued)

Robot writer

A new app from US company Bond uses a robot to mimic human handwriting in order to customise thank you and other cards for people too busy to write them.

The robot forms part of a gift service for people with money, allowing them to send handwritten cards from their iPhone or iPad. So, how much does this wonderful service cost? The robot will mimic your handwriting for a cool $199.

robot writer 2

This is harder than it sounds because it has to imitate handwriting using fluid movements and differing pressures to make the script look authentic, and there are thought to be thousands of ways letters can be connected to each other. So the robot must adopt human-like amounts of pressure on certain joins and letters – perhaps such as dotting an ‘i’ or crossing a ‘t’ – as well as not smudging the writing in order to make it look authentic.

Is that it, I hear you ask? Well, no. For a mere $499 the service will allow you to work with a handwriting expert for a day (I nearly wrote ‘hand wringing’ expert) to ensure that your fake script is not only authentic but clean. Not a smudge to be seen.

This wonderful new service will even allow you to write notes in the hand of a famous person such as Sigmund Freud. What more could a person ask?

So if you want to forge a signature on Great Aunt Mildred’s last will and testament now you know where to turn.