The Case of the Disappearing Blogger

I followed posts from her for quite a while. They all concerned a book she was writing and her updates generated interest from her followers. Then the book was published, since when not a post, not a funeral note. What are we to make of this? There are several possibilities and I am free-wheeling here.

When she was writing the book she consulted her followers quite a bit. Then, when she had finished, there was no further need to do so. They had served their purpose. She had been using them but with little or no interest in them as individuals in their own right.

When she finished her book she finished her motivation with it. Perhaps the act of writing it was keeping her going, giving her a purpose in life which she had now lost.

Or it may have been that when she dropped her stone in the water there were no ripples. She may have found that depressing.

Maybe her life has taken a new direction. She has run off with a bishop, preferably one who had taken a vow of celibacy.

Or for some reason we cannot know, but would understand if we did, she is unable to continue posting.

Who knows?


9 thoughts on “The Case of the Disappearing Blogger

  1. How sad just to disappear without a word. There are so many reasons why she might have disappeared. Odd thing to think but I wondered the other day if I should leave instructions in a will with passwords etc to someone trusted who’d know what to do. Sorry about being morbid but life just happens…doesn’t it. Give her the benefit of the doubt if you can

      • Hi Diana

        Dunbar is not quite as lovely as I have made it appear, but might be worth a visit. It was used as an overspill destination from Glasgow many years ago, and is culturally a little different from other coastal toiwns in the area. Just as Dundee is.

        North berwick will no doubt be the destination of choice for visitors, having a busy high street, local golf courses and the Seabird Centre.

        For me, I like St Abbs. And if you like a quality fish supper, there is always Eyemouth.


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