The cat as philosopher

There is a book called ‘Henri, le Chat Noir’, written by William Braden.
It also has a sub-title: The Existential Mewsings of an Angst-Filled Cat, so we can tell that Henri inclines to the existential rather than the essential school of philosophy.

English: Black cat with white mark at the neck “Mizo”. Français : Chat noir à tache blanche au cou. “Mizo”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For copyright reasons the picture is not of Henri himself but another cat of the same name.

Unlike the book of napping cats I referred to in an earlier post, the quotations are not from authors musing on the subject of cats but (so Braden would have us believe) by Henri himself.

Henri makes a number of deep points, but this is my favourite:

‘I sleep because every time I open my eyes, the world is still there.’

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