The lure of hypnosis

Shortly after I published Time to Talk, which features a fictional therapist and several equally fictional examples of therapy, the offers arrived in my in-box. How could this be, I wondered, were the marketing people on to me already? Did the NSA have a hand in this, or GCHQ?

The first encouraged me to undertake an on-line course in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) at a greatly reduced cost.

The second encouraged me to undertake an on-line course in hypnotherapy, also at a greatly reduced cost. I really wondered about the second. I was tempted. According to a therapist whose course I recently attended, I might have some talent in that direction, evidenced by an ability to put myself to sleep while waiting for dental treatment. (She called it ‘dissociation’ but I prefer to think I was hypnotising myself out of pain’s way.)

I then began to wonder how hypnosis could be taught and learned online. Would the student have a subject on screen whom he could then hypnotise with his honeyed tones, references to balmy breezes, ocean waves, cup cakes and so on? My mind was invaded by a series of cartoon images – I really wanted to give it a try.  ‘Hi, Mildred.’  ‘Hi, Rod.’  ‘About your credit card details . . . .’

I remember a Chuck Jones cartoon where Wile E Coyote tries to hynotise the Road Runner, but the Road Runner – prescient as always – has equipped himself with a mirror and bounces his hypnotic rays back into Coyote’s eyes. Coyote, holding out his arms in front of him, duly obliges by walking off the edge of a cliff.

Seriously though, do we think an online hypnotherapy course could work?

‘Today’s deal from the Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence will give you the tools you need to become a hypnotherapist. With training from highly skilled professionals, two certificates upon completion, scripts to help with your sessions and marketing tips. •£39 (regular price £599) for an online hypnotherapy practitioner course •Includes full course materials, a course manual, hypnotherapy scripts, e-books, free monthly practice groups and ongoing help and support •Upon completion you’ll receive 2 certificates from the Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence and IANLPC •You can also receive a third certificate from the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) for an additional cost •To view the course details please click here’

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2 thoughts on “The lure of hypnosis

    • I often have a fantasy that I could implant ideas in my daughter’s mind – you can function if you choose to do so, you can leave the room you currently inhabit. And it would work. Hence my attraction to hypnosis, though I have never done anything about it.

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