The prophet and the prophetess

Last Sunday, as usual, I walked from my daughter’s place up the footpath to the main drag, where I hoped to connect with a bus stop. On my way past the Henry Miller Hall, I noticed a large poster. It drew my attention to two people, a prophet and a prophetess, both called Angel.

The Prophets 2 web

The hall is used on Sundays by various people who, like our married prophet friends, are persons of colour – as the unfortunate Benedict Cumberbatch is now learning to say. I know some of them come from Senegal, as they were to be heard making a glad noise to the Lord on Senegalese independence day. I now suspect that patrons also include people from Zimbabwe as well.

As I understand it, the word prophet can be taken in two ways. The first is when the individual in question interprets God to those of us lacking a direct line. What is God’s take on in vitro fertilisation? If you don’t know for sure  the prophet may be able to tell you. And since there are several of them out there, if one can’t another surely can.

The second denotation of the word prophet is one who can tell that something will happen in the future. A favourite among prophets has been foretelling when the world as we know it will end, though their record here has not been good. Small-minded people are given to putting  them on the spot by asking which horse will win the 3.30 at Kempton Park, but we are not small-minded and would never ask such a question. Which does not mean that we are not troubled that anyone might claim so boldly to interpret God to the people – changing their surname to Angel in the process.

From having looked at their literature, Uebuert and Beverly Angel inhabit both categories – they both interpret God to us and also foretell events. Uebert, for example, foretold the death of Margaret Thatcher.

Here is what we learn of Prophet Uebert from the website of their organisation, Spirit Embassy.

Major Prophet Uebert Angels’ name has become synonymous with miracles, healing, signs, wonders and accurate prophecies.

Uebert Angel

Not only a prophet but a Major Prophet, and the claims made of him could hardly be greater. As for Prophetess Beverly, she appears to be a little more moderate in her claims, and doubtless with good reason.

Beverly Angel

Quoting again from their website she:

Is one of the women pioneering the prophetic globally. She is an anointed, loving and approachable woman of God, whose passion for the gospel of Christ, coupled with a strong desire to help the less fortunate of our societies around the world, has resulted in the establishment of H.O.M.E or Hand of Mercy, a charity arm of the Ministry. 

I am troubled by these claims, especially those made for the Prophet Uebert, but I am just a simple country boy from the East Neuk and I have never been anointed. What do I know about anything? Yet in the gospel of Matthew, chapter 7 verse 15, we read:

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

If the author of Matthew were still around I would ask him how we can tell a true prophet from a false one. Unfortunately, he (or she) is no longer with us. But one thing I would do is, as they say, to follow the money. Does the Spirit Embassy have money and, if so, where does it come from and where does it go? Do the happy couple have money and, if so, where does it come from and where does it go? And how much money are we talking about here anyway?

And then there is the Zimbabwe connection, specifically to Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace. That might be worth exploring too.

I conclude with links to two newspaper articles, the first from The Telescope, and second from New Zimbabwe.

What are we to make of all this, I ask myself ?

I do not expect a coherent reply, but a collection will be held at the end of this blog and I expect to hear the rustle of paper money.

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    Yeah. Right.

  2. Very interesting Rod, it’s certainly given me food for thought this evening 🙂 Coincidentally, I’ve been watching Trevor MacDonald on interviewing the mafia! However, I suppose the stories written in the bible could be viewed as far fetched, but I don’t recall Moses or Jesus, or any of the disciples wanting money for their preachings!

  3. Money is often to be found in operations like this, very commonly in the US, for example.
    In the poster of the couple on display last week, the PROPHET and the PROPHETESS were more prominent than they are in the one I photographed this week.

  4. Seems like a good deal to me. Changing water into wine is nothing to us, though as our name the Spirit Embassy, suggests – we would normally change it into something stronger.

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