Seen in the Waiting Room

Sometimes I come across things in the waiting room that I would never find otherwise, in publications such as Total Carp and Concrete Quarterly. I once came across a magazine called Celebrity Bodies but had the presence of mind not to open it.

Today’s offering took me aback (I am easily shocked). We have all seen pictures of Chinese people walking the streets with surgical masks on because the air quality in Beijing and Shanghai is dangerous to health and well-being. As always, there is someone waiting in the wings to take advantage of this, and that’s in addition to surgical mask makers.

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Blossom 3 Ply Bacterial Filter Masks Elestic Earloop Face Mask Surgical Masks a (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Until last week I hadn’t heard of Mr Leo De Watts. Mr De Watts has come up with the wonderful idea of bottling clean air in various counties of England and selling it for £80 a time. De Watts recently took his marketing one step further with his Chinese New Year Special, retailing at 15 jars for £888.


13 thoughts on “Seen in the Waiting Room

  1. Most of those magazines are years old and all crosswords done to death. I remember years ago being able to buy tinned air from the Blue Mountains.
    Of course, bottled ‘pure’ water is a big money spinner. $2.50 for a half litre of water. It’s the plastic bottle that is the problem. Here in the state of NSW there are no deposits on empty bottles yet in SA there are, and it works perfectly. Much less litter.
    Does Mr De Watts sell any bottled air? I suppose even if he sells a bottle every now and then, it all adds up.

    • Plastic bottles are a huge problem. I see people staggering out of superamarkets with packs of them, which is odd because the tap water round here is excellent.

      Do you remember the ‘reverse osmosis’ scam whereby tap water in London was turned inmto bottled water for sale to the poublic? Incredible, but it happened.

  2. Is this for real? I know people will buy anything but even so, one in the atmosphere it’s quickly dissipated. I once worked as a summer job for a magazine publishing company and just couldn’t believe the variety of magazines on offer – some very obscure indeed. Again there was obviously a market.

    • Yes, this is for real – hard to believe though it may be. What I don’t know, though, is how successful the business is. As for the magazines, i can’t but feel there are too many of them. I can only imagine the physical resources used to make them.

      • I don’t think there are so many now but at the time they were funded by advertising and that drove editorial content to a large extent. I was not impressed! I worked for many years in the timber trade and we used to say all the paper work used more timber than we sold! At least a renewable resource!

  3. By the way; Re, ‘Time to Talk.’
    I managed to buy this book through Amazon Australia together with downloading the Amazon kindle.
    I loved reading it and just finished the last page this morning. It is a very funny and hugely entertaining tale. PG Wodehouse would agree. Very sharply written with great sense for characters and their foibles. Mr Frei seems to have developed the art of taking life with a grain of salt. At times I felt I was watching a play with the ‘warehouse’ being a stage.
    I hope it keeps on selling.

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