The Writer is Missing

Unlike the disappearing blogger of the previous post, The Writer in this one is a category.

Today I visited a place used by many different people on a drop-in basis to promote their business.

It was an old building, the interior spacious and full of light. I wished I had my camera so, guess what, I was invited back again to take some shots.

Corn Exchange, Leith

I brought some leaflets back to show my wife, whose reaction was interesting. ‘Ceramicist, actor, musician,’ she reads, ‘animator, dancer, filmmaker, jeweller.’        Giving me a hard look she adds, ‘You know what’s missing, don’t you? Not a writer in sight, don’t writers count?’

She was right. I suspect the reason is that writers can easily work from home and don’t require a place like this. Unless, of course, they intend to market themselves as a brand. Now there’s a thought.


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