Tramp With Teddy Bear

This is the second in an occasional series of titles given away free, gratis and for nothing to aspiring or established artists. They will always arise, as this one has, from things I see on my travels.

The word ‘tramp’ is in the title for alliterative purposes: whether he was or not, I have no idea. I suspect he was homeless, though, or classed as such and living in a homeless hostel. I saw him near two I have been in, and there are probably more in the area I don’t know about.

He was sitting on a doorstep with his bag of possessions beside him on the pavement.   He was hugging a teddy bear which, to me eye, looked in excellent condition. Two police officers were talking to him, the fitter type who arrive at the scene with muscles and bicycles. The discussion seemed good-natured. Whatever the problem was, it cannot have been serious.

Answers on a postcard please. Did they believe the teddy bear had been boosted from a local shop, or failing that, that it concealed about its person recreational or other drugs? I will never know, since my bus continued on its journey.

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