Two Women

I see them both regularly, one of them almost every day.

The first is oriental and always heavily made up with blue around the eyes. I usually see her when shopping. She will stop every now and again and rotate. Since she always has a trolley with her, she rotates that too. She will stop and try to continue with what she was doing, but the urge to rotate comes over her so often her progress is slow. Children sometimes laugh at her. Her friend is always with her. They are deaf and communicate using sign language.

The other woman walks every day. She always wears sheepskin boots.
Her hair is not naturally blond, as is obvious from the roots. Every few yards she feels impelled to stop and look upwards, throwing her head right back. She covers many miles, but slowly, since she keeps stopping to look up. Part of her route takes her up a steep hill. I see her at many points on this route, but most often from the kitchen window while washing dishes.

Could it be that both have OCD?


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