Uninvited Guests

He was invited, but while I was ushering him in at the front door others came in by the back. (You could call it distraction.) Their name was Sweetpacks, and they established themselves in so many nooks and crannies they were difficult to track down. But it had to be done or they would never have left.

Here’s what they had to say for themselves.

We started with the 2005 launch of our award-winning SweetIM application, which quickly become the leading source of emoticons and animations for online chat and communication.
Today, SweetPacks is a selection of innovative products designed to enhance our user’s digital experience. With over 150 million users around the world, we offer a wide variety of fun, useful, easy to use and safe apps for your everyday use.

So now we know what they offer, but if you don’t like it, and don’t want it, saying NO is remarkably difficult. You may need help getting rid of them. I did, in the shape of Malwarebytes. A full scan may take some time but it will track them down. And even if it wasn’t free – which it is – it would be worth it.

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