Using a Facebook Page to move your product?

You could be a major international brand or you could be an author whose book has just come out. Either way, there is now a lot of evidence to show that any effort you expend on your Facebook Page will not be well rewarded.

The link is to an article by Chris Crum on WebProNews. If you don’t feel inclined to read the original, the gist of it is that FB is gradually reducing the reach of your page to one or two percent.

So if you have 100 Likes and you post an update, your update will reach only  2 of them.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to compute that this is not effective. But these figures refer to the ‘free ride’ use of the page.  You could, of course, pay FB to promote your page, in which case your reach will no doubt improve.

Could this possibly be the intention?

facebook engancha

facebook engancha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. I read an article (think if might’ve been in Writer’s Digest) recently that talked about how it’s better to not get a page but promote from your profile. You reach more people, and it’s more effective for fans who want to get to know you. 🙂

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