Well I never!

Strolling along towards my daughter’s place I met a small boy coming the other way. He was pushing a bicycle with an astonishingly rusty chain. Without checking the rings on his teeth I would say he was about six or seven years old.

When we drew level he stopped and spoke. ‘Smart,’ he said.

I was about to say ‘Yes I am,’ but he beat me to it. ‘Smart shirt!’

I could scarcely credit the testimony of my ears. When I was his age (if I ever was)         I had no concept of smart  clothing. Some would say, and who could blame them, that I still don’t.

How times change.

11 thoughts on “Well I never!

  1. Rod, this is sweet. I have noticed the younger generation have a lot more self-confidence when it comes to talking to adults, teachers etc – not a bad thing. Now I’m wondering – what was your shirt like?!

    • From a distance it looks like a lumberjack shirt, but though I wear shirts like that in winter this one is much lighter in texture and a pleasing red and green pattern, neither colour being in the least garish. (Now I know why people take selfies!)

  2. Astonishingly, our two grandsons travelled back to their mother by train. We drove them half way to a train-station at Campbelltown. Campbelltown is within a swinging seat. (Politically speaking) It was to be their experience of a life-time. Who would but step into the same train the same carriage and sat directly opposite them? Our Prime Minister and a few of his minders.
    I suppose the boy remarking about your shirt was also in that same vein. Such a rare experience that can’t be explained. I too am curious about this shirt.

  3. Was the prime minister the new guy who deposed the Abbott?
    My shirt is not big deal. I tried to describe in answer to Annika.

  4. Kids are amazing. Something about you made him feel comfortable, or a recent event… Hard to say. I wonder what he’d think if he knew his friendly comment became a blog post.

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